Our history

Our company was founded in 1988 and specializes in the provision of Facility Management services, Merchandising Management and Organization of Corporate Events. For 30 years, we have been managing all services needed by our clients, that do not pertain to their core business. In particular, we are specialised in the following: cleaning management, hospitality services (secretarial switchboard, reception and helpdesk), logistics (warehouse management, internal mail and transports), gardening creation and maintenance. To date, our management team works to offer international partners and our customers increasingly high standards of service quality. Attention to customer requests and needs, care in structuring proposals based on real size and needs, helpful and professional staff and competitive prices are the distinctive features that have allowed us to become a leader in the Facility Management sector in Lazio. Our proposed services cover many areas of corporate life and can completely change the life and performance of a working reality, which obtains, by contacting us, valid and highly professional work tools at a lower cost than direct management by the company.

ISO 9001-2015:018
ISO 18295-1:2017
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 20121:2012
ISO 20121:2012

Moreover, we were one of the first Italian companies to get a quality certification. Since 1995 we have followed the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 18295-1:2017 with the relative updates. We are also members of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), of the EFMC and the Italian association called ConfCommercio.

Since 2012 we have been purchasing electrity produced only by renewable resources. In fact, our commitment to sustainability and environmental management has allowed us to obtain the ISO 14001 (management according to the standards of the environmental protection) and ISO 20121 (sustanaible events organization) certifications. We are proud to have obtained the Certificate of Legality from the Italian Free Market Authority in 2017.

Our Quality and Sustainability Policy

Nikal intends to provide high quality services complying with the best principles of sustainability, professionalism, accuracy, efficiency and environmental protection. With this intent Nikal has an integrated management system in line with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 20121:2012.

Our company provides facility management, event management and merchandising services in full compliance with the principles of quality, sustainability, environmental protection and the protection of workers’ health and safety. The services meet the strictest criteria of impartiality, functionality and objectivity.
Nikal is committed to ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in the environmental, social and health and safety in the workplace and is committed to pursuing continuous improvement aimed at reducing environmental impacts (direct and indirect) to a level corresponding to the economically feasible application of the best available technology.

Nikal takes inspiration from the principles of “sustainable development” recognizing the environment as being of fundamental importance in the process of economic and social development and enhancement of the area. Nikal works by ensuring the prevention, elimination or reduction of phenomena that may cause environmental emergency situations.

Nikal works in its territory by contributing to the well-being and the prosperity of the community offering adequately paid job opportunities, buying high quality goods and services, fulfilling tax obligations and respecting current regulations, using resources in a sustainable and efficient way, i.e. creating value that it strengthens the territorial capital and improves the social, environmental and economic context.
Nikal guarantees the participation of its users, through a complaint channel, to manage and resolve any problems arising from its business.

Nikal guarantees a courteous and respectful treatment of users, who will have staff ready to ensure maximum availability to resolve the problems that have arisen, in compliance with the deepest mutual discretion and privacy.
In this context, the aim of adopting the ISO 20121 standard is to implement a transparent event management system which allows to evaluate systematically how operations are run in order to reach the objectives of economic, social and environmental sustainbility previously mentioned.

Nikal proposes to its customers and other relevant parties an organizational and sustainable management of events based on the cardinal principles, as defined in the declaration of intent:
Management: consistent with the objectives and implemented with a view of continuous improvement;
Inclusiveness: taking into consideration the needs of participants and stakeholders;
Integrity: adherence to ethical principles;
transparency: fundamental in the reporting phase for circular communication with stakeholders.

Nikal intends to guide its customers in their choices proposing sustainable solutions for all phases of the event to be carried out: in the event that some project proposals are not adopted, sustainable management of the event is guaranteed for all the processes of its competence and responsibility ( including its own supply chain).

General Sustainable Development Goals

Nikal’s awareness of its part in the wider system of the local community where it works allows cooperation and synergy with the various actors who are part of it in order to guarantee compliance with the rules, in the awareness that this behavior helps to spread a culture of respect for the entire social fabric.
Nikal understands sustainable development as an opportunity for economic growth, enhancement of the company and the people who work there in the full satisfaction of customers and stakeholders. This is why the Management is committed to supporting customers in achieving the sustainability objectives, creating a virtuous circle of good practices, strengthening the reputation and relationships with the main stakeholders and demonstrating the quality of its actions in a transparent manner.
The company embodies these objectives through a series of best practices: policies for equal gender opportunities, attention and protection of the stakeholder through investments in training, adoption of UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 with the objectives of preventing the production of waste, differentiate, reduce energy consumption and optimize the use of space, resources and equipment and much more.

Specific Objectives for the Management of Sustainable Events

Nikal is committed to organizing sustainable events taking into account the necessary balance between the social, economical and environmental impacts generated by the event, checking the quality and the respect of the sustainability policies along the supply chain, supporting the innovation in the creation of activities to reduce waste and usage, and capitalizes on that experience for future events.
All of this is possible by activating an internal control of the entire project, creation and closing steps of the events finalized to reduce the risks under the economic, environmental and social profile, promoting the reduction of material and energy consumption.

In particular, Nikal aims to:
Disseminate the policy of sustainable development and the system of values, so that they are known at the company level and by the stakeholders, in order to activate the sharing of intentions, improve awareness and co-responsibility in the management of activities.

Train and inform, in a continuous path, human resources in order to circulate and disseminate knowledge, make data and management methodologies accessible, share a system of values ​​and sustainability objectives, for competent and conscious action.
Check the efficiency of processes, through the clear definition of roles and responsibilities, operating methods and indicators.
Set up for each event: context analysis, stakeholder involvement, assessment of positive and negative impacts, risk / opportunity assessment, in order to activate actions for continuous improvement and performance improvement.
Respect contractual commitments and mandatory requirements for the proper conduct of the event.

Ensure complience of regulations for safety at work.
Involve and satisfy stakeholders, give priority to products and services produced and distributed in a sustainable way, share sustainability practices with stakeholders and the supply chain.
Commit to the achievement of the sustainable development goals and the implementation of the policy in general, through the assessment of risks / opportunities, the definition of strategies, the control and monitoring of the policy when reviewing the system.

International partnerships

Our dedication to the growth and development of modern and efficient services has allowed us to enter into relationships with international companies, allowing us to create solid partnerships. Thanks to the collaboration between Nikal and our partners we have generated a lasting common value.

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Company Values

Our goal is to work with ever higher standards of quality and with structured work processes tailored to the customer. We guarantee high flexibility and professionalism by offering our customers particular attention and transmitting our passion in what we do. We believe that the added value of our company is our staff: an international team of professionals specialized in different areas of work. In fact, we pay the utmost attention to the selection of the team, welcoming in our company only those who embrace our corporate vision and demonstrate excellent professional and human skills. The process of selecting new personnel is well structured and consists of several phases that allow us to select the best candidates on a merit-based basis.

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