Designing commercial spaces in the right way has a strong impact on the sale of goods. The store’s architecture, the arrangement of the items, the signage and the products on show are essential to create a positive and stimulating environment for the customer.

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Customized Merchandising for Companies

Our team of merchandising experts can not only take care of creating qualitative and original branded products but also of the management of shops and spaces dedicated to their sales. The product is designed according to the client’s instructions in such a way as to represent the brand’s visual identity. We are very attentive to the use of eco-friendly and easily recyclable materials. Both packaging and gadgets are made thanks to reliable national and international partners with the final product appearing as captivating, easy to use and of high quality. We are proud to follow the ISO 14001 standards and ensure production respecting the environment and the sustainability of resources. Upon the customer’s request, our staff is able to physically manage stores and online shops through professional e-commerce platforms, providing purchase assistance, endeavouring to propose the best solutions to meet the request made. We create a truly unique and highly personalized service, capable of communicating brand identity and giving company prestige.

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Working closely with the communication departments of the various institutions, I propose to the customer products that fully embrace the visual identity and the corporate values they want to convey. I supervise the phase of conception of the products and their realization. Thanks to the strength of our distributors we are able to deliver gadgets all over the world..

The 4 steps of our merchandising service

Ideazione e progettazione del concept in collaborazione con i nostri grafici
Gestione e creazione di piattaforme online e/o negozi fisici
Produzione dei prodotti approvati dal cliente
Avvio della spedizione a livello mondiale

What we offer:

  • Creation of branded products;
  • Creation of merchandising for events;
  • Physical and online shop management;
  • Professional sales staff;
  • Definition of packaging and layout;
  • Production through trusted partners.

Who we serve

Our merchandising service is aimed at companies wishing to stand out among competitors, creating gadgets and customized products. Be it clothing, gadgets or games, we are able to create the right product designed exclusively for your company.

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