By “logistics” we mean everything that has to do with coordinating the movement of people and items so that everything flows smoothly. Its correct management is therefore a fundamental aspect to ensure high efficiency and organization.

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million transport requests managed with success

My team carries out the work I plan with great care, also on the numerous last minute requests. My mission is to reach the goals of the day in a logical and effective way, finding the right solution for every customer need. I try to foresee any unexpected event and to perfect the service by personalizing it according to the context and timing..

Tatiana Burukhina, Nikal

Our service consists in analysing the client’s needs and requirements, followed by a proposal with a flexible solution to make your business flow. We manage warehouses that may be inside or outside the customers’ premises, internal mailing service and internal transports. Whether you need to move an office or set-up a conference room, we take care of it all, by ensuring the efficient management of documents, furniture, items of all sorts. We offer an experienced team, able to manage a physical and digital warehouse / archive and to answer all your needs.

What we offer:

  • Warehouse management;
  • Inventory organization;
  • Archive management;
  • Internal transports;
  • Packaging and labelling of goods;
  • Setting up meeting and conference rooms;
  • Internal mail.

Who we serve

Our service is aimed at public and private organizations wanting to improve the logistics process, by entrusting it to a qualified team of professionals. We have been collaborating with companies, hotels and restaurants for years, ensuring a fast and smart process.

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