Detailed organization, experienced staff, the right welcome and guests’ entertainment are fundamental aspects that determine the success of a business event

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Organize the perfect corporate event

Our goal is to organize the perfect business event. Our staff, in fact, adopts planning and performance analysis tools that guarantee an excellent final result, both in terms of guest satisfaction and event success. We have experience in organizing various corporate events: meetings, conferences, conventions and congresses of all sorts

Our events are characterized by detail in organization, both administrative and from an entertainment side. Our aim is to organize an unforgettable event that satisfies the client and its guests: sponsorship and communication of the event, booking of guest accommodation, logistics and supply of technical support thanks to solid business relationships with international suppliers all ensure a professional and precise service.

We are proud of our international team with highly qualified references who is able to satisfy all customer requirements with flexibility and speed. The problem solving and communication skills of our staff (every member of our team, in fact, speaks more languages, to ensure an effective exchange of information with customers from every country) allow us to offer a complete service to meet the most complex needs.

The organization of an event is a particularly complex process. Our goal is to ensure that the client relies on us with serenity and confidence: in this way they will be able to enjoy their event without any anxiety or worry about planning. We are proactive in foreseeing all the steps necessary to create a successful event!.

Anne-Lisa Pichler, Nikal

What we offer:

  • Research and booking of the location;
  • Event planning;
  • Information to the participants;
  • Hotel reservations;
  • Project management;
  • Website creation and update;
  • Creation of graphic contents;
  • Administrative management;
  • Transport organization;
  • Presentation of an event package;
  • Management of registrations/registrations;
  • Sponsorship management;
  • Post-event performance survey.

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To whom the service is aimed

The service is aimed to companies looking for a solid partner to organize corporate events, congresses and meetings all over the world. Thanks to our experience we can provide an efficient and accurate service in every detail.

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